The club has 4 teams in the Winter Leagues: 2 in the Open League and 2 in the Ladies. Matches are played on Sundays at 10am.

New members to the club are very welcome to get involved. If you would like to be considered for any of the teams, please contact Brad on 

Brad Keenan  07590 996654 or

Ladies'A Ladies'B Open A Open B




Chester LTC Court Booking Guide

The Court Booking System for the floodlit courts is available. Click button above to book after reading the booking guide


  1. You will need a Clubspark account with specific access to book our courts.

Please contact Julie O’Connell ( to request this access.

  1. Some basic rules for making bookings:
  1. From early October, courts 4 & 5 can be booked from 6-10pm (From late-October this will be changed to be from 4pm). Players already on the court at this time will need to give way to any player arriving who has made a booking on the system.
  2. Bookings can be made in 1-hour slots with a maximum of 2 slots (ie 2 hours) per a single booking.
  3. Members can make a booking up to 8 days in advance and can have up to 2 bookings within a 7-day period.
  4. Coaches will be able to make bookings up to 6 days in advance.
  5. Court Availability:

Bookings can be made 7 days a week although on a weekly basis, the following reservations are fixed:

  • 6-10pm: Group Coaching. Please refer to Brad Keenan for information.
  • 6-9pm: Social Tennis. Please contact Jody Etheridge for info on how this is run during the winter and to join in.
  1. Tokens need to be purchased to operate the floodlights. They cost £4 per hour and are available from:

Payment to be made online to Chester Lawn Tennis Club – Sort Code: 30-91-92, Account Number: 00093004. Please use ‘LIGHT TOKENS’ as the reference.

  1. Use of the tokens:

The court token boxes / meters can be temperamental and jam. To prevent this from happening only one token should be fed into the meter at a time. If you want to play for longer than 1 hour, please set your phone alarm for 55 minutes to ensure you feed another one in before the lights go out because if they do, there will be a slight delay while they cool down and before they will work again. If you have any problems with this, please contact Pat Boyd on 07786 947280


Finally, we are limited with the number of courts with floodlights so if you are unable to make the slot you have booked, please make sure you cancel your booking so others have the opportunity to use them.


If you have difficulty in being able to book courts, please let Pat or Julie know. We will monitor court usage; and if necessary, will make changes to the booking rules (frequency and / or length of bookings) if it is found that the current provisions do not give everyone sufficient opportunity to book or play.


Floodlight Boooking
Court Booking Guide Website Oct 20 (1).p[...]
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Dear Members,
As we have no league matches being played this summer Box Leagues are a great way to get some competitive play with similar skilled players from the club. All are welcome! Full details at the clubhouse, but names entered can be found on the word document below.
Our coaches, Brad and Damian are organising the box leagues. They would  like everyone  joining the box leagues to sign up to free British Tennis membership and get a tennis rating.(instructions are below)
All match results will be sent to the LTA so players can improve their tennis ratings.
New players may join the league mid way through if space is available. 
Please see below instructions on joining the league:
1. To set up free British Tennis Membership select the link
& choose Chester LTC as your membership venue.
2. When membership is set up please email with; 
Phone number, 
British Tennis membership number, 
LTA rating number & 
Email address.

Brad and Damian, are keen to start some box leagues for our junior players. If your child would be interested in a bit of competitive play with children of similar ability, then get in touch with Brad on . Hopefully there will be sufficient interest to allow our juniors to play with new players.

Brad Keenan.
Box League Names
CLTC BOXleagues NO NOS.doc
Microsoft Word document [74.5 KB]


Competitive Leagues

There are normally 3 teams in the Ladies' and Mixed and 2 in the Men's Chester Summer Leagues and 2 Men's and 2 Ladies' in the Winter League.